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Who are we?

We are a cycling club based in the Rochdale area. The club was established in 1930 by Frank Hudson and friends. We currently have around 70 members and are always looking for new ones. Although we are based in Rochdale, our members come from a wide range of the surrounding areas also.

What do we do?

We are mainly a social and leisure road cycling club. Which means most of our members ride on road bikes and ride or race for fun, enjoyment, and to socialise. The club organises official cycling events throughout the year, including Road Race, Audax, and Time Trials. For the more social side of things or the none racers, there are touring trips, cycling holidays, group rides with cafe stops every Sunday, and much more. On top of that we also have many none cycling social events, including a fantastic annual dinner and prize presentation, Christmas events as well as nights out.

Who is the club aimed at?

The club is aimed at any cyclist however much they ride. If you want to meet other fellow cyclists, gain new friends, and enjoy the sport the way it should be enjoyed, this is the club for you. You might ride once a week or everyday, it does not matter. The club is made up of members who don't ride at all and just participate in the social events, riders who ride whenever they feel like it and just enjoy cycling, to enthusiastic racers who race every weekend in the racing season. There is a mix between young and old in the club, all age groups are welcomed.

What can we offer?

The club is well established and has been around since 1930. We can offer you an opportunity to meet new cyclists just like yourself, and share ideas and make new friends. The club has members who are very experienced and has been in cycling for many years, and can offer advice and tips in many aspects of the sport. You could take part in group rides and join in on touring weekends. If you are a racer and dream of winning some silverware then look no further as we've over 20 different trophies and shields presented every year, at our fantastic annual dinner and prize presentation.

How to join us?

Its easy, just contact us on the contact page. Or if you would prefer, call the club secretary, Peter Hey on 01706 379042. All members pay an annual membership fee of £10.